XCSoar is a free software project, that is run by many volunteers in their free time. If you would like to help, here are a few things you can do:

  • Core development: Can you speak C++? The XCSoar Developer Manual has instructions on how to get the source code, hack it, and submit your patches. You can contact other developers here. You can pick an issue and make a pull request.
  • Testing:
  • Translation: The XCSoar interface comes in more than 30 languages. Check our Hosted Weblate page to improve the translations.
  • Documentation:
    • Manual: Can you edit in LaTeX? We need editors for the XCSoar manual. It is outdated, and needs some care. See the final section of the XCSoar Developer Manual mentioned above for instructions on how to edit the manuals.
    • Website: The website needs to be improved. See the current issues.
  • Dataset management: XCSoar makes uses of datasets (maps, waypoints) to display locations and manage tasks.
    • Map generation: Automatic map generation has issues.
    • Data repository: XCsoar file manager connects to a dedicated repository to download maps and waypoints. This repository has issues.
    • Data content: Airspace maps and waypoints have issues.

XCSoar source code

Browse our git repository online, or clone it:

git clone git://