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Download Data Files

Download Maps, Waypoints, Airspace, or use our Map Generator to create custom maps of your area.

Download Manual

In English, French, German, and Portuguese.

Adding data automatically

XCSoar can download the data you need (terrain/topography, airspace, waypoint, etc.). For this, please, use the file manager embedded in XCSoar.

Adding data manually

Additional data, such as your own list of waypoints, can be added manually:

  • Copy your files into the XCSoarData folder on your SD card or a corresponding folder according to the Manual
  • Use the config menu of XCSoar to load them.

Terrain / Topography

A map file (.xcm) contains terrain and topography. In some cases it might also contain waypoint and airspace files.


An airspace file contains special use airspace information and coordinates.

XCSoar supports the Tim Newport-Pearce (.sua) and OpenAir (.txt) file formats.


A waypoint file contains waypoints, airports and outlanding fields of a certain area.

XCSoar currently supports these formats: Cambridge/WinPilot (.dat), SeeYou (.cup), Zander (.wpz), OziExplorer (.wpt) and FS/GpsDump (.wpt)

Waypoint Details

A waypoint details file (.txt) contains detailed information about the loaded waypoints, that is available on a separate page of the Waypoint Details dialog. It should have the following format:

Detailed Text 1
Detailed Text 2
Detailed Text 1
Detailed Text 2


XCSoar can use the FlarmNet database to show the callsigns and additional information of FLARM equipped planes around you. Save the file into the XCSoarData directory.


XCSoar can have custom checklists. Download our example and edit with a text editor. Save your file into XCSoarData directory.