... the open-source glide computer

XCSoar is a tactical glide computer originally developed for the Pocket PC platform. In 2005, the originally commercial software was given to the open-source community for further development and has constantly been improved since. It is now a multi-platform application that currently runs on Windows, Windows Mobile, Unix and Android devices.

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(20. May 2021 by folken)

We have moved irc network to libra.chat. #xcsoar.

You can chat with us from our Website irc

Please be patient and don’t expect an immediate answer.

1. May 2021: XCSoar 7.6 released

1. May 2021: XCSoar 7.5 released

9. Apr 2021: XCSoar 7.4 released

16. Mar 2021: XCSoar 6.8.17 released

27. Jul 2020: XCSoar 6.8.16 released


Highlights of XCSoar's interface

Moving Map

Moving Map
The primary display, easily configurable to provide the desired level of detail.

Terrain Display

Terrain Display
Terrain and Topology data from all over the world can be displayed on the moving map.

FLARM Integration

FLARM Integration
All received FLARM traffic is displayed on the map and on the inset radar screen. (including climb speed)